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Fiber Optic Starpoint

An adjustable high intensity fiber optic light source that runs cool and radiates no UV. Ideal for delicate lighting situatiions where heat or harmful radiation cannot be tolerated. 

Installing thousands of lights in a ceiling that has limited access is a challenge that can be met only through the use of fiber optic technology, since fiber optics allow the feeding of multiple point sources into a single, remotely situated illuminator.  The North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center`s 2,000+ points of light were linked to only 72 illuminators, each of which can be considered a single light "source."

Fiber Optic Starfield

The arrangement of multiple fiber optic points into 2-dimensional arrays. Static or animated, these arrays are ideal for signage or starfield-effect ceiling treatments. Starfield environments offer exciting possibilities for stunning light and motion displays on ceilings, columns, walls, and mirrored surfaces. Individual fibers are mounted through holes in a face material and are viewed end on, simulating star like points of light. Face materials may be of virtually any type: mineral board, wood, metal, plastic, etc. Starfield is economical, requiring modest field labor. 

Standard and Custom Ceiling Treatments

  • Pre-Fibered Lay-In Ceiling Modules
  • Field Installed


  • Halogen
  • HID

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